Fluent, accurate translations

When you need a translation so good you can’t tell which language was the original, City Translations can deliver.

Terminological consistency

City Translations will consistently use the same terms in our translations for you, both within each translation and across all the translations we do for you.

Expert translators

Our translation and proofreading is carried out by native speakers with years of business, financial, legal, translation and proofreading experience.


Meeting your deadline

Once we have agreed a deadline for a translation with you, we will stick to it.

Quality Control

Your translation will undergo a strict quality control process using the latest software tools.


Friendly and flexible approach

City Translations will discuss your needs with you and suggest the solution which best fits your requirements and budget.

To your specifications

Do you have words you’d like us to translate a certain way or maybe a corporate style guide? City Translations is happy to apply these to our translations for you.

Different document types

Need a PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet translated? City Translations can return the translation to you in the same PowerPoint or Excel format.