Cross-border collaboration

What I like best is working in partnership with other people to produce the best possible outcome for all parties. That’s why City Translations has teamed up with Kennedy Translations in Frankfurt. Not only do I get to benefit from the years of experience embodied in Kennedy Translations’ team, but it lets me expand what we can offer you, our customers.

Whereas City Translations has a focus on translations from German and Dutch into English, Kennedy Translations can offer translations not only from German into English, but also from English into German, expanding the language combinations City Translations can bring you.

Like City Translations, Kennedy Translations (whose origins go back more than 25 years in the Frankfurt area) also specialises in legal and financial translations. And like City Translations, Kennedy Translations is also managed by someone with years of financial industry experience. Between us we have more than 20 years of financial and banking experience, mine coming from a decade as a multilingual financial analyst at a London-based database of mergers and acquisitions and Mark S. Kennedy’s from spending 10 years as a banker at top investment banks before joining the family translation business. This means that not only are we are able to tell which translators genuinely offer accurate financial translations from those which only claim they do, but we’re also able to see things from our customers’ perspective – we speak your language.

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